Nepal 2nd journey | First report | Photoreport

The second teaching journey to Nepal, February 2013 – a report

Håkan celebrates Holy Communion as our 2 week visit to Hetauda comes to a close.
In 1 Corinthians 11:14 we find a simple model of how the service of the first Christians was celebrated. These took place in their homes, oikos, always in connection with meals.

The four parts are:

  • The sharing of a meal
  • Holy Communion
  • Charismatic worship of Jesus, with speaking in tongues and prophecies and teaching
  • Intercession, baptism, the sending
  • We celebrated the service with our friends at the course plus a few others!

    Adoration – worship

    Philipp´s book with worship songs

    Bijay prays over the food before we eat together – such a tasty and lovely meal!

    Hans preaches at pastor Moses´church 40 minutes journey from Haita, where our course was held. This congregation now consists of five churches

    Before the service lunch was served and after the service there was Tea, Then we had the the opportunity to listen to stories about Jesus. First how pastor Moses and his wife were saved, and then how one of their elders found faith in Jesus Christ. Every persons story is a miracle in its own right.

    We were thanked properly, in due course! Some heads are absolutely not made for Nepalese fashion!

    Håkan and Hans with two leaders/ a pastor/ in the church at Sarlai.

    After the journey some of the teachers met for days deeper prayer and talks, but also for an academic studies at Fjellstedtska skolan in cooperation with the academy of Johannelund. The theme was Hnduism and Buddhism from a Nepalese context. We seek to be good at communicating the message of the Bible to people with a completely different background.

    Note the Nepalese book. It contains our introductory texts, translated and printed for those who took part in the courses – about Matthew and Mark and about Paul, his life and his letters.

    Quite close to the church where our courses take place is a cement factory. It most certainly is in need of more cleansing filters to protect all those who live in the neighbourhood. We have just had a great answer to our prayers as we´ve just learned that the factory has closed to install better air filters!